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A small change for your car, big effect on the planet

FuelWell is a fuel combustion improvement technology implemented as a plug-in device for internal combustion engines. Reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%, reduces CO2 emissions by 15%, which converts into carbon credits and allows customers to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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streer act

The US STEER Act program was developed to financially support
eco-initiatives of responsible cargo businesses. The Voucher by STEER Act program can cover up to 75% of the cost of FuelWell acquiring and installing!

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FuelWell - innovation suits exactly your vehicle!
Model range is designed to provide maximum efficiency taking into an account various fuel-consumption and engine power rate

FuelWell engineers have developed two types of devices for diesel and gasoline engines. Range of 9 devices allow you to find the right one for you.

FW devices reduce CO2 and other emissions by burning fuel better

from10% less fuel consumption
*Up to 90% emission reduction*
CO2 - 15% NOx - 35% CO - 39% *PM - 90%

It costs you up to $70,000 per 14,000 gallons of fuel to operate an average diesel truck annually, which cause 97,500kg of CO2, 345 kg of CO, 1,485 kg of NOx, and 45 kg of PM emissions.

(CO2) Carbon dioxide is one of the main factors of global warming.

(CO) and (NOx) Carbon monoxide and Nitric oxide are extremely poisonous to humans and nature, odorless, tasteless, and colorless.

(PM) Particulate matter, impossible to eliminate from the human lungs, is very dangerous as causes the lungs disease

*Numbers are based on the average annual mileage of class 8 truck, each particular vehicle indicates may differ in each particular operation environment.

During the operational environment tests, we helped our customers save more than 10,000 gallons of fuel and reduce 75 tons of CO2

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Value from implementing FuelWell for

  • FuelWell device cost pays back 3 times, so you are not only reducing monthly fuel cost and emissions but investing!
  • Supplement your individual eco-contribution!
  • Less engineerstenance cost as FuelWell prolongs you vehicles ecology systems lifetime
  • Implement an additional EPA and ESG compliance tool
  • Get more revenue from a single drive, as consume less fuel
  • Fleet sustainability retrofit with ROI in at least 300%
  • Get a competitor advantage by providing more sustainable and economical transport
  • Reduce your business carbon footprint with FuelWell carbon credits
  • Promote your brand value with ecological initiatives


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EPA / ESG compliance tool

Produce less emission, pay fewer taxes and attract new eco-concerned customers

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Up business profitability

A verified innovation that allows you to increase MPG and reduce the cost of miles by up to 20%

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Low investment threshold

FuelWell solutions implementation ROI is 300% for 6 - 8 month period!

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One-stop solution

Models range to fit most gasoline and diesel internal combustion engine powered transport

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Join the movement of those who contribute to sustainability and cost-efficient fuel consumption today, not tomorrow


Frequently asked questions

What is FuelWell? What is it needed for?

FuelWell is an additional fuel-system plug-in hardware device for a wide variety of gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines. FuelWell catalytic inside effect leads to complete fuel combustion, therefore reducing emissions of harmful substances such as CO- by 39%, CO2 – by 15%, NOx – by 35%, and PM(soot) – by 90%. Moreover, FuelWell reduces fuel consumption by at least 10%.

What is the FuelWell operation principle?

The FuelWell technology works on the principle of catalysis. When the fuel passes through the device’s internal cassette a catalytic process takes place, making diesel or gasoline fuel burn more efficiently and in full volume, as a result, emission of harmful substances such as CO, CO2, NOx, and PM are reduced by 39-15-35 90 %. FuelWell modifies the fuel molecules’ physical condition, the chemical composition of the fuel does not change.

Does the FuelWell device change the chemical composition of the diesel and gasoline fuel?

FuelWell modifies the fuel molecules’ physical condition, the chemical composition of fuel does not change.

Does the FuelWell device require any service during its lifetime /operation resource?

FuelWell device does not require any service during the operation, there are no replacement parts or consumables.

Does the FuelWell device require a connection to the vehicle’s electrical network?

FuelWell does not require a connection to a vehicle electrical network.

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