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This page is dedicated to the range of FuelWell devices designed to fit gasoline internal combustion engines. Their operation and installation principles to choose best fit for your engine.

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Gasoline internal combustion engines, although inferior in efficiency and tractive power to their diesel counterparts, are relatively cleaner due to the lack of particulate matter (PM) also called soot emissions, even so they emit more carbon dioxide (CO2) and the increasing amount of unburned fuel produce not less harmful carbon monoxide (CO). Ecology systems, are not fully capable of reducing or transforming this dangerous gas into carbon dioxide (CO2) so far.
A specially developed model range for different gasoline fuel consumption volumes reduces CO emissions by 39% and CO2 by 15%. Furthermore reducing fuel consumption by up to 20% due to the complete combustion of fuel in the engine cylinders, regardless of mileage and engine condition!

Principle of operation and installation scheme

The more mileage/hours the engine runs, the more wear and tear it has, therefore more fuel is not fully burned in the cylinder and goes into the exhaust system as a result producing more harmful emissions and fuel-consumption.

FuelWell effects the structure of fuel molecules, which improves the quality of its combustion, resulting in reduced consumption and emissions. The chemical composition of the fuel does not change.

FuelWell device does not require any service during the operation, there are no replacement parts or consumables.
FuelWell does not require a connection to a vehicle electrical network.


The choice of FuelWell depends on your maximum average fuel-consumption

G-gasoline Model FW Productivity L/hour
or L/100km

(No more than)

Productivity MPG

(No less than)


(No more than)





2G 12 20 3 1900 7500
4G 20 12 5 3900 15000

*The machines icons shown in the table are used for visual presentation of the fuel consumption relationship with the corresponding transport however they do not limit the application to specific types of machines.:

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7.5 / 100 km
11,36 tons / year
Цена - $350 - 2000


FW - 2G

Price $350 Minimum benefit $1050

Not less than 20 MPG or 12L/100km

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FW – 4G

Price $700 Minimum benefit $1400

Not less than 12 MPG or 20L/100km

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*Minimum benefit, means the amount of fuel saved converted into a US-dollar equivalent at the end of the device’s resource.
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During pilot test projects, we already helped our customers save more than 10,000 tons of fuel, which reduced their CO2 emissions by 75 tons

Join those who have already found out how much more cost efficient and environmentally friendly their corporate fleet becomes after the implementation of the FuelWell solution, leave a request and we will contact you to proceed.

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